FAAC Control System 868 SLHP - SLH Programming Unit

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FAAC Control System 868 SLHP - SLH Programming Unit

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The programmable option for the FAAC 868SLH allows programming of the radio system codes via the hand held SLH programming unit plugged  into the Decoder  SLHP; the Radiocoder allows programming of the transmitters. The SLH programming unit in turn can be con- nected to a PC for programming and management of customers’ codes allowing transmitters to be added and deleted from the system. The programmable system uses the same receiver and transmitters as the non programmable system. The Decoder SLHP has a memory capacity of 2000 codes  (with  MEX SLH expansion chip added) and a slot for connection to the SLH programming unit.




SLH Programming Unit features


•       Portable programmer in ABS


•       Connectors for connection to DECODER SLHP and to RADIOCODER SLH coding  unit


•       RS 232 interface for connection to PC (cable required).


•       Connector for external power supply unit


•       Programming push buttons


•       2 digit display


•       Access protected by password


•       System code saving


•       Saving of single transmitters with display of the memory location


•       Automatic saving process increment


•       Enabling/disabling/cancelling of single transmitters


•       Data export program for copying the memory on expansion module




Radiocoder features


•       ABS Housing


•       Led indicators


•       Code transmission from SLH programming unit to transmitters 868 SLH




Software features


•       DECODER SLHP programming


•       Coding of transmitters via radiocoder


•       Modification of transmitters from MASTER to SLAVE and vice versa


•       General archive of system data (client, address, installation date, configuration etc)


•       Facility for associating user’s name to each transmitter


•       System configuration table arranged according to TX number or user name to facilitate  search operations


•       Facility for configuring the system on PC and subsequent  transfers  to DECODER SLHP


•       Printing of system configuration


•       Printing of transmitter identification labels


•       “Null modem 9 pole” serial cable - not supplied with package

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