TAU 4 Channel Remote Control

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TAU 250T-4C
TAU 4 Channel Remote Control at the best price online. Call for trade prices.
TAU 433MHz 4 Channel Remote Control (Rolling Code) 

Part No:  TAU 250T-4C


• Frequency: 433,92 MHz
• Dimensions:  73 x 37 x 10mm
• Range: up to 200m in open air (the effective range depends on 
terrain and possible radio frequency interferences)
• 281.000 billion code combinations
• Rolling code technology: every time the transmitter sends a code, it generates
a new code using an encoder. An algorithm identifies and validates only the
signal of the transmitters encoded by the radio receiver.


• Virtually impossible to duplicate
• Code can be personalized thanks to the TAUPROG programmer
• Ideal for multi-user systems
• A transmitter can be programmed into any number of self-learning radio receivers,
thus avoiding the use of different transmitters
• Tougher shells
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