Telguard ABS T-Bespoke GSM Intercom System

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Telguard ABS T-Bespoke GSM Intercom System at the best price online. Call for trade prices.
• Battery backed time clock • 2 relays • Dial-in to open • 8 number divert • 7 keypad backlight options • SMS alerts • Activity log • Up to 400 pin codes • Remotely programmable • Exit keypad available • 2 year RTM The ABS T-Bespoke is available in a high gloss black, carbon fibre effect or silver finish with a backlit silicone keypad. The backlight colour can be changed to 7 different colours! It looks stunning and is extremely low profile and durable. This system is available with one call button and a keypad for coded access with 400 codes. The surface back box is matt black and the system connects to a Hub via a single CAT5. The platform can either be GSM or Landline, whichever suits your needs! This product benefits from all of the standard facilities – well we call them standard! This includes forward dialling up to 8 numbers, a battery backed time clock, 9 timed profiles allowing calls to be sent elsewhere at a certain time and date, automatic daylight saving (BST/GMT) and automatic dimming of the keypad. You may even want a text from the Telguard (GSM only) to know that a door has been opened or somebody has activated a passive device at night? This product will certainly set you apart from the rest of the houses in your area! And as ever you benefit from proven Telguard reliability and quality associated with British engineering.
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