Telguard Bespoke 1 Button GSM Intercom System - Flush Mount

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Telguard Bespoke 1 Button GSM Intercom System - Flush Mount at the best price online. Call for trade prices.

• Installer programmed

• GSM programmed by SMS

• Available with up to 50 call buttons

• No dedicated handsets required

• Only 3 connections

• 400 access codes with optional keypad

• Internal time clock

• 2 relays – additional relays optional

• Thermostatically controlled heaters

• Exit release input

• Forward call up to 8 additional numbers

• Activity log downloaded locally or remotely

• Day/Night feature

• Prox cut out option

• Camera option

• Available as GSM or Land Line

• 2 Year Warranty


The Bespoke requires a GSM SIM card, dedicated analogue BT type telephone line or dedicated extension of a phone system.

The GSM version has exactly the same functions as the telephone line system but calls are from a mobile phone SIM card. We supply O2 or Vodafone SIM cards.

This system can have up to 50 individual call point buttons so is able to call to a maximum of 50 flats, houses, offices etc.

A visitor presses the required button which then calls the destination telephone. The receiver of the call answers it on their normal telephone or mobile phone, which ever number is in the call memory of the system and then speaks to the visitor.

If you want to let them in simply press the digit/s on the telephone keypad and the entrance will open. Imagine being able to answer an entrance request from your armchair or even your car!

This system is available with a keypad for coded entry. The user simply enters the code into the keypad and the entrance will open.

Our keypad options are silicone and stainless steel. Both keypads are backlit.

You can even phone the Telguard and activate your gates automatically, free of charge! Simply call the SIM in the intercom and as soon as it starts ringing, cancel the call.

The Bespoke is also designed to operate as part of a multi entrance system but utilising only one telephone line or GSM SIM card, this is called Hub and Satellites.

We can provide the Bespoke in a number of different colours to compliment a specific colour scheme via powder coating.

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