Telguard Junior Landline Intercom - Up to 10 Users - Flush Mount

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Telguard Junior Landline Intercom - Up to 10 Users - Flush Mount at the best price online. Call for trade prices.

Telguard Junior – Backlit Multi User

  • Installer programmed
  • GSM programmed by SMS
  • Up to 1000 call point destinations
  • Dial in to open
  • SMS alerts
  • No dedicated handsets rquired
  • Only 2 connections
  • 400 access codes
  • Internal time clock
  • 2 relays  additional relays optional
  • Thermostatically controlled heaters
  • Exit release input
  • Forward call up to 8 additional numbers
  • Acitivity log downloaded locally or remotely
  • Day/night feater
  • Prox cut out option
  • Camera option
  • Available as GSM or Landline

The Telguard Junior is designed for larger sites where there are multiple dwellings. This entry panel has a silicone, backlit, digital keypad with A & B buttons. The A & B buttons can be used as a prefix if there are separate blocks. A blue backlit stainless steel keypad is optional. This system will call up to 1000 destinations, along with providing up to 400 entry codes as standard. Timed trade access is via a button that calls a caretakers telephone or a direct press to activate. A visitor presses the required property number from the keypad and presses the ‘CALL’ button. The Electronic Voice Assist™ will indicate that a call is being made. When the call is answered by the resident, on their standard BT type telephone or their mobile phone, two way conversation can take place and when the resident wants to grant access they press a digit on their phone handset which activates the entrance. If the resident is out and the follow on call search is set up, the system will call an alternative number so you don’t miss a visitor or delivery. Calls from the entrance can be answered from the comfort of your lounge, bedroom, balcony or garden! When the system is installed there is no disruption or access required into each dwelling as the handset is already in place – your telephone or mobile!

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