Telguard T-Bespoke GSM Intercom System - Flush Mount

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Telguard T-Bespoke GSM Intercom System - Flush Mount at the best price online. Call for trade prices.

• Installer programmed

• GSM programmed by SMS

• One call point destination

• No dedicated handsets required

• Only 3 connections

• 400 access codes

• Internal time clock

• 2 relays – additional relays optional

• Thermostatically controlled heaters

• Exit release input

• Forward call up to 8 additional numbers

• Activity log downloaded locally or remotely

• Day/Night feature

• Prox cut out option

• Camera option

• Available as GSM or Land Line

• 2 Year Warranty


The T-Bespoke is available with a backlit silicone keypad and a backlit call button. The silicone keypad is re-programmable to 7 different colours! This really makes the panel look individual, especially when the panel is powder coated in a specific colour…or even chromed!

Once a Telguard Approved Installer has installed and commissioned the system you are ready to go. The Crush Fold version is available with a backlit blue stainless steel keypad along with a low profile back box and LED down light.

A visitor presses the call button which is automatically directed to the destination. The Electronic Voice Assist™ will provide indication of the progress of the call.

The call is answered with a land line telephone, cordless or mobile. When the recipient of the call wishes to allow access, they press a key on the chosen telephone. A tone is heard to indicate successful operation and the visitor may enter.

The panel is able to house a camera or proximity access control reader. An authorised user is able to call the intercom and automatically operate the entrance without being charged for the call.

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